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If you’re a woman who would love to enjoy a peaceful marriage and home and be empowered as an individual, you’ve come to the right place! I’m Miriam Racquel — Somatic Healer, Marriage Coach and Trauma & Anxiety Specialist. I empower women to trust themselves thru the wisdom of their bodies & intuition and guide them to create a marriage they love. It’s Marriage Magic!

“These have been the most freeing and life-changing sessions I’ve ever had! Miriam is magic.” – A.H., Colorado 

“Within just a few sessions I began feeling so empowered to make positive, lasting changes in my marriage that I had control over, and the wisdom I have accessed through Miriam Racquel’s help has truly transformed my marriage into the playful, passionate one that I have always desired. I love the mind-body healing work that Miriam Racquel infuses into her sessions.”

~N.C.G., Atlanta, Georgia

Working Together

I’d love to help you unblock the energy of what’s holding you back from having a relationship you love. Whether it’s past or current challenges, we can work together and get you clear—emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. Your soul has a path that it wants you to travel and I can help you get there!


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