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Miriam Racquel


If you’re a woman who would love to enjoy a peaceful marriage and home and be empowered as an individual, I can help you achieve that!

As a Master Somatic Healer, Marriage Coach, and Trauma & Anxiety Specialist, I help empower women to trust themselves through the wisdom of their body and intuition in their relationships, career and health. 

It is my fervent belief that no circumstance, relationship, or situation is merely a product of coincidence and I help my clients step into their radiant selves!

I am the author of several e-guides, including:

6 Simple Tips to Up the Vibe of Your Marriage Today!

3 Secrets to Solve Burnout and Get Energized the Mindbody Wellness Way

Escape From the Borderline/Narcissist’s Web 

and more!

I am also the author of the Award-Winning memoir, God Said What?! #MyOrthodoxLife, #1 Best Seller in Women & Judaism; #1 New Release in Kabbalah & Mysticism


Why did I become a healer and coach?

A few years ago, while I was busy as a wife, mom and second in command in my husband’s cell phone company, I suffered from a lack of energy, physical back, hip and leg pain and chronic UTI’s. I felt drained and exhausted. I went on a self help journey which included hiring a coach. The research I did along with the in-depth work with my coach helped me get clarity on my life and as a result, my whole world opened up. I went on to become a certified Martha Beck Coach and a certified Master Mindbody Healer. I have trained in Laura Doyle’s Relationship Coach program and have Intuitive training as well as studying the Art of Feminine Presence with Rachael Jayne Groover. I am also certified as a NLP practitioner. I have added techniques of Mindful Self-Compassion to my repertoire. I no longer suffer from debilitating chronic UTI’s, exercise regularly and have more energy. I am empowered with my body, emotional and intuitive wisdom which has lead to a more vibrant, creative and joyful life with fulfilling relationships, clarity, intimacy, and health. I deeply desire for every woman to discover this as well which is why I became a healer and coach.

Who are my clients and what do they want?

My clients are women from all walks of life and come from across the globe seeking clarity and empowerment in their relationships, careers, and health. Some are deeply unhappy in their marriages. Some come seeking emotional and/or physical pain relief. Some come seeking trauma relief. I also have clients who come because they have a decision to make and are looping in their heads for the answer. It’s so draining to do that and the work we do together brings an end to that confusion. I blog and speak frequently about the somatic approach to healing marriages in addition to Narcissist relationship detox, self-care, trauma healing and anxiety relief

There are so many healers and coaches out there. How does my methodology differ from others?

First of all —see Client Love (Testimonials) here!

Second of all — listen to Podcasts and Interviews here!

Somatic healing works with the whole person—their body, emotions, mind and soul. Each session integrates these parts, heals the body on a cellular level and gives clarity to my client’s questions. In every session there are permanent shifts of neural pathways, a release of stuck emotional energy, trauma healing and an alignment with the soul because of the Somatic and integrative nature of the type of coaching I do. This process is gentle, healing and revolutionary.

Can you really expect results from sessions with me?

Yes! I love what I do and am so grateful to bring this work to others. Hundreds of women have gotten clarity, relief and alignment with their true selves from our sessions. 

“These have been the most freeing and life-changing sessions I’ve ever had! Miriam is magic.” – A.H., Colorado 

“The quality of every aspect of my life has increased and I finally feel happiness and freedom. Miriam Racquel’s nurturing guidance throughout the process was powerfully healing. She remarkably lifted me from confusion and… a sense that what I felt was somehow just a part of life to contend with… to …. You can live a meaningful and enriched life without the numbness. Without the pain. Without the shame. Her professional abilities coupled with true empathy and a remarkable ability to remember everything discussed, always had us engaged in great conversation and even laughter. How refreshing! – Aviva

Within just a few sessions I began feeling so empowered to make positive, lasting changes in my marriage … and the wisdom I have accessed through Miriam Racquel’s help has truly transformed my marriage into the playful, passionate one that I have always desired. I love the mind-body healing work that Miriam Racquel infuses into her sessions. These practices have allowed me to release my emotions in a powerful way and give me a great sense of relief, validation, and confidence to help me move forward with love.” – N.C.G., Georgia

“The sessions Miriam and I did together were healing and illuminating, interesting and uplifting. They took me deep into my intuition, gave me profound insights into some of the underlying limiting emotions and beliefs that were holding me back, allowed me reframe many of the things that were in my way and in some cases to actually energetically move them aside. I have since recommended several people to Miriam, and would unequivocally do so for anyone who is interested in Mindbody coaching.” – Shifra Hendrie, Israel

What’s the easiest way to get started? 

Schedule your 20-minute Complimentary Clarity Call today.
About Miriam Racquel
About Miriam Racquel
About Miriam Racquel
About Miriam Racquel