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Marriage Magic

Dear Awesome Woman.

As a master Somatic/Mindbody healer, I use specific techniques to help my clients heal their bodies and souls, get in touch with their intuition and create lasting change in their marriages. I also share easy skills that put their marriages back into alignment so they can create emotional safety for themselves and their husbands as well as get the love, connection and peace they deeply desire.

Somatic/Mindbody healing adds a layer of dimension that can help rekindle hearts because you’re able to release resentments and old wounds, clearing the way for a happier tomorrow with your spouse. You never have to keep your feelings in and yet, you’re not exploding them all over your partner, causing untold damage to the relationship. You’re upping the vibe in the marriage by upping your own personal vibe, creating a safe landing place for both you and your man. You’re learning skills that help immediately turn a marriage on the rocks to one filled with gems. 

Mindbody Marriage Magic For the Enlightened Woman:

  • Know what you deeply desire
  • Break free from resentment
  • Heal your pain
  • Take immediate, effective steps to create a marriage you love

 It’s easy to begin! Click here to schedule your Free 20-minute Marriage Magic Clarity Call:


I offer a Recreating Intimacy Couple’s Workshop along with my husband, Dovid Feldman, LPC, AMFT. We’re happy to help you and your partner get the healing, love and connection you both desire.

This is not the typical couple’s therapy which can sometimes do more damage than good because hurtful words are said that can never be retracted. Instead, emotional safety is key and the sessions are separate, each partner doing their individual work, until the couple is brought together (by phone) to share. Dovid works with both partners, while I have three somatic healing sessions with the wife to process any resentment, anger, trauma and grief that may have accumulated over time.

Again, please don’t wait any longer when you can get the assistance you need to have a beautiful marriage and a peaceful, kind home. I invite you to reach out today: 

Your Marriage Magic Clarity Call


Miriam Racquel

Master Mindbody/Somatic Healer & Relationship Coach